Check Yourself, Don’t Wreck Yourself. Stop Smoking Now!

Smoking cigarettes will kill you! This is not an exaggeration or lie. 440,000 deaths each year in the United States alone are caused by smoking. Take a look at the bleak numbers below as compiled by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion:

As can be seen by this chart, smoking is an unwise practice. Amazingly it is an unwise practice that is done by people who otherwise may be intelligent and sensible in most other areas of their life. Many are loving, caring, warm people who… Wait! Hold it! Sorry, I can’t be nice anymore. I have to say what I really think… Smoking is not only unwise but down right stupid! Let’s face it, smoking is dirty, disgusting, repulsive, smelly, ugly, obnoxious, offensive, revolting, loathsome, unsightly, hideous, idiotic, damages nearly every organ in the human body, makes other people sick with secondhand smoke, and is an accused and proven killer.

There… It had to be said. Wash my mouth out with soap if it makes you feel better, but I had to say it loud and clear. Stop now or deal with the inevitable consequences of ruined health and early death later on. Check Yourself. Don’t Wreck Yourself. Stop Smoking Now!

Listen up folks, the reason that smokers find it so hard to quit is because they are physically and mentally addicted to the nicotine found in tobacco. Most people start smoking as teenagers for a variety of reasons such as rebellion, peer acceptance, to be hip and cool, to be grown up, etc. Teenagers often suffer from what I refer to as the immortality complex. This is when kids feel invulnerable and nothing bad can ever happen to them, only to somebody else. They feel that they have total control over their smoking habit and can stop at any time they really want. The problem is that a lot of folks don’t outgrow the habit because of the nicotine addiction and smoking has become ingrained in their everyday lifestyle since they were kids.

The fact is few people start smoking for the first time when they are in their twenties or older, they start when they are young and easily impressionable teenagers. In the past, tobacco companies played up on this fact by pushing their advertising to attract a younger and more easily addicted crowd. Because of stricter laws cigarette advertising is now just about ancient history and smoking in public places is prohibited in many areas. In fact, in the United States, tobacco companies are actually telling young people not to smoke, mainly because of the result of huge lawsuits being brought against them. However, tobacco companies are now looking to foreign countries in order to push their “cancer sticks”. It seems that many foreign countries are very lax in their smoking laws and public awareness is low concerning the dangers of smoking. Just like flies to you know what, the tobacco companies are taking full advantage of this ignorance and are peddling their poison to the uninformed and uneducated in other parts of the world.

However, let’s face facts for a moment. Although the government is doing a good job of enacting anti-smoking laws and increased public awareness, it really all boils down to the individual and whether they will take heed and stop smoking. A person needs motivation, determination, will power and a stick-to-it attitude in order to succeed. Actually these are the very traits that are developed through a bodybuilding / fitness program and I think it can safely be said that most people who follow a fitness lifestyle and watch their health are not smokers. There is no way that smoking could fit into a bodybuilding / aerobic exercise program or any sports activity where wind and endurance are important. It would be totally counterproductive and would definitely derail your progress.

It would make sense for someone who wants to quit smoking to also start an exercise and proper eating program at the same time. The combined effect of this “total shape-up” program would start to pay off big time in a few short weeks or months as your body and mental attitude go through a rebuilding and cleansing transformation. This is the shock your body and mind need to blast yourself into a new state of being where you will look good, feel good, and you’ll start to notice many positive things like your sense of taste and smell returning.

If you need help in starting an exercise program check out our Guide to Bodybuilding and Fitness – Your First Year. If you need help quitting smoking check out Stop Smoking Once And For All. This is a program with a lot of valuable advice written by a lifelong smoker who quit smoking for good. The following free sites are also very helpful:

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